ClickAI Radio Podcast Features Plainsight Co-Founder & CPO, Elizabeth Spears: “Overcoming The 4 Pitfalls Of AI Ethics”

In a recent podcast with ClickAI Radio, Plainsight’s Co-Founder and CPO, Elizabeth Spears, sat down with host, Grant Larsen, to discuss the pitfalls of AI ethics and if it’s possible to overcome them. 

This is Elizabeth’s second podcast with Grant covering AI ethics–in the first podcast, they discuss how AI ethics can affect your business.

In this podcast, Elizabeth and Grant bring to light technological challenges behind the high-level perceptions of AI ethics. These hurdles are seldom discussed, but they need to be carefully considered and resolved when designing and deploying computer vision solutions. Elizabeth examines the issues and discusses strategies to mitigate them.

The conversation delves into pitfalls of AI ethics including: bias, inaccuracies, fraud, and, legal and ethical consent violations.

“It’s just so important for organizations to sit down and really think through their ethical use of AI and how they’re going to approach (the challenges) and get a policy together and make sure they’re really living those policies.


                                                                                                                                                                          – Elizabeth Spears

Listen to the full interview below.

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