Within the agriculture industry, businesses contend with a host of challenges like evolving regulations, supply chain complications, and the ongoing ravages of climate change. They are tasked with addressing worldwide issues like global hunger while also working to stay ahead of the competition. A new approach to computer vision, powered by an AI platform, can help. 

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Plainsight in Action: Solution Spotlight

Plainsight partnered with JBS USA, one of the world’s largest food processors, to automate livestock counting and monitoring. Before engaging Plainsight, JBS relied on manual counts for cattle and pigs. The process was prone to inconsistencies and errors resulting in significant revenue leakage every year.

We were amazed at the speed at which Plainsight’s vision AI achieved a very accurate solution in all conditions, saving us significant resources, time and money. We’re now rolling out their AI solution across multiple locations.

Derek Vote

Meat Scientist, JBS Foods USA

Precision Livestock Counting

Plainsight built AI models capable of detecting and counting cattle with more than 99.5% accuracy and delivered the end-to-end solution for video analytics of real-time video streams.


Vision AI for Precision Livestock Counting offers JBS a number of new capabilities:

  • Monitoring: Managing cameras, processing video feeds, and collecting visual data for labeling to create high-quality datasets.
  • Counting: Deploying vision AI models trained to excel at detecting, tracking, and counting livestock in highly-specific, and often challenging, environments.
  • Benchmarking: Automating performance monitoring with benchmarking tools for custom metrics.
  • Analysis: Sending counts and predictive data to the cloud for management by operators in a centralized dashboard.

This patent-pending solution is available to agribusinesses across the industry.

More Applications of Vision AI in Agriculture

Plainsight’s vision AI platform empowers agribusinesses to quickly and easily derive new insights from their visual data to boost efficiency, innovation, and revenue.

Livestock Health Monitoring

Plainsight enables end users to monitor both individual animals and entire livestock populations. In addition to tracking and evaluating animals based on factors like gait, size, and behavior. Businesses can even use facial recognition as a way to recognize health issues as well as to identify and monitor specific animals.

Fruit & Vegetable Ripeness Detection

With Plainsight’s platform, growers can build and manage models that automate detection and evaluation of their crops to not only ensure efficient, timely harvests, but also make better genetic decisions for quality and shelf life. Vision AI recognizes qualities like size, color, and firmness and automates alerts to the appropriate parties.

Harvesting & Processing Quality Assurance

By detecting hazards and defects in harvests early, businesses with vision AI capabilities can understand and predict crop yields. With vision AI, continuous tracking of processes provides accurate traceability. Operators can set up automatic alerts to prevent costly shutdowns, adhere to compliance protocols, and improve health and safety best practices. 

Product Grading & QA/QC Packaging

Vision AI-powered automation can transform agribusiness’ approach to quality assurance and quality control by evaluating packing, packaging and labels for errors and defects while ensuring products meet a suitable quality standard. 

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