All computer vision projects—from the exploratory to the everyday—start with developing and training AI models. But, the training process can prove challenging and time-consuming, leading many organizations to abandon projects in their early stages.  

Why is training a computer vision model so tricky?

Training a computer vision model starts with feeding it training data in the form of a labeled dataset. The machine learning algorithm uses the dataset to improve its internal weights and learns to perform the desired task. In many cases, transforming datasets into working computer vision models requires high levels of technical expertise and serious time investment. The training process can thwart even seasoned experts and leave teams struggling to innovate and meet their goals. 

To effectively train a model, machine learning engineers typically require deep technical expertise as well as a keen understanding of each project’s desired outcome. These skills are in high demand, which makes it challenging to source talent and build a team with the requisite know-how.

Plainsight SmartML™ makes model training foolproof. 

SmartML empowers users of all skill levels to train and optimize custom vision AI models. Our platform provides an advanced model training framework that automates the process from end to end. SmartML model training removes technical roadblocks for novice users while providing options for ML power users to set and adjust training hyperparameters to serve even the most discerning engineers. 

Optimize Your Model Training with SmartML

SmartML makes it quick and easy to train a high-quality vision AI model.

Plainsight’s SmartML provides a turnkey solution to help enterprises and individual users train, optimize, and deploy models for custom vision AI solutions. Without writing a single line of code, Plainsight users of every skill level can train custom-built models for tasks such as: 


Object Detection


See More with SmartML

With SmartML, users can build a searchable library of custom models tailored to highly specific challenges. Automated training ensures that models are always learning to help organizations continually innovate to solve problems. Even if you don’t have a dataset of your own or a specific challenge in mind, you can still try out SmartML and other Plainsight features today.

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