Visual Data: The Last Great Untapped Resource

We live in a visual world where 3.2 billion images and 720,000 hours of video are created every day. But on average, 98 percent of the visual data stored in enterprise networks is never even analyzed. 

As a result, visual data truly is the last great untapped resource for enterprises to analyze and understand their business. Without computer vision technology to derive insights from their images or video streams, organizations are unable to do much more than just collect visual data. AI-powered computer vision solutions offer the means to put visual data to work, improving processes and solving business challenges. 

The Hang-Ups of Technical Complexity

Computer vision is not new. So why aren’t more organizations using it to optimize their day-to-day operations? 

They’re often hindered by the technical complexity of traditional solutions and their own internal resource limitations. From the data scientists who label and curate datasets, to the machine learning engineers who train and fine-tune models, to the MLOps developers who help to deploy and interpret the model outputs—it’s not uncommon for projects to become like relay batons, passed from person to person. 

What’s more, non-technical subject matter experts often have limited or no access to the project. This can result in setbacks or disappointing results when technical specialists don’t fully understand the problems they’re trying to solve.

Plainsight and The Future of Visual Data

Complicated problems don’t demand complicated solutions.  At Plainsight, we believe that insights are often hiding, well, in plain sight. Our no-code, end-to-end platform makes visual data-driven applications more attainable and actionable, empowering businesses to easily and intelligently realize the power of vision AI to address their challenges. Our On-Demand SaaS platform and enterprise solutions enables users to take the visual data they are already collecting and transform it into organized, efficient, and dependable streams for generating insights and driving business value. 

Plainsight in Action  

From data collection and curation, to annotation and model training, through deployment and reporting, Plainsight’s vision AI platform provides one centralized platform for the entire computer vision lifecycle. Plainsight offers myriad  features for streamlining and accelerating vision AI workflows. Our AI-powered labeling tools speed up labeling tasks by as much as 20x.

Plainsight also provides automated model training for developing models to address a diverse range of use cases. Default settings save time and adjustable hyperparameters offer advanced configuration options.  It’s simple for users of all experience levels to define the inputs and outputs for their models, set the deployment goals with our intuitive pipeline blocks, and explore the results – all in one centralized dashboard. 

Your organization’s visual data contains hidden insights that can help you innovate and stand apart from competitors.  Get started on Plainsight’s On-Demand no-code platform for free today and see what you’re missing. All users have free, unlimited access to labeling tools and a $100, pay-as-you-go credit to experience additional features. Looking for extra support from our computer vision experts? Reach out to schedule a demo and discuss how Plainsight can assist your team.


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