Intel has just released a Solution Brief  – produced jointly with Sixgill – that details how Sixgill’s sensor data services platform delivers the next wave of IoT intelligence with Intel® architecture-based gateways. 

The Brief examines:

  • The increasing need for enterprises to unite management of people, places and things.
  • The advantages of a single, comprehensive source for managing IoT data and building IoT applications.
  • How organizations with large numbers of sensor-equipped assets can gain valuable, real-time insights for taking immediate action.
  • And how the same sensor data services platform can track trends and facilitate better strategic planning.

All too often, vast asset populations, ever-increasing sensor and contextual data, poorly collected information, and compromised governance are creating obstacles for enterprises and industries seeking the benefits of the IoT, IIoT, and IoE. According to McKinsey, “companies currently underutilize most of the IoT data they collect.”

In order to maximize the value of connected intelligence, such organizations must unify and manage the collection of streaming data from many disparate sensor sources. This requires a platform that can find actionable data relevant to a wide range of diverse applications and use cases.

That platform is Sixgill Sense.

Sense brings the ability to identify actionable exception events from noisy sensor data streams and trigger programmatic responses reliably and at scale. It includes responsive IoT edge computing capabilities to preserve functionality during connectivity interruptions, attack network latency, and optimize data transfers to the cloud.

Together with high- performance, reliable Intel® architecture-based gateways, Sixgill Sense enables organizations to quickly, easily, and effectively integrate and act on the growing profusion of sensor data.

Sixgill and Intel: Growing Stronger Together

Sixgill maintains a variety of strategic relationships across the IoT ecosystem, including membership in the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance – one of the world’s most recognized and trusted technology communities.

These relationships foster greater collaboration
while enabling developers to build new sensor- informed applications that leverage the data from people, places, and things generated by the exploding numbers of connected assets.

Combined with highly reliable, high-performance Intel® architecture-based gateways, the Sixgill Sense platform solution creates actionable sensor data intelligence at the edge, while increasing automation and operational efficiency for business and industry.

Organizations gain total flexibility to develop responsive, sensing IoT applications with no limits on data sources, data diversity, applications, or scale.

Working in unison, Sixgill and Intel gateways provide foundational data automation technology that helps every industry tap the next leg of productivity growth the IoT is beginning to unlock.

Contact Sixgill today for more information on how a Sixgill-with-Intel solution can help your organization.

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