New on-demand SaaS platform helps technical and non-technical users alike build, train, and deploy image and video analytics models without a single line of code.

San Francisco, CA, April 20, 2022 – Plainsight, the leader in proven vision AI, introduced its On-Demand SaaS platform for end-to-end, no-code computer vision workflows and fully integrated features. With free, unlimited labels and a $100 credit for pay-as-you-go features, Plainsight makes production-ready computer vision and real-time video analytics more attainable to more users than ever before. Plainsight is expanding its product portfolio with this On-Demand platform to reach beyond the large enterprise to put the power of vision AI into the hands of all users.

Data scientists, machine learning engineers, subject matter experts, and businesses of every size are demanding new ways to easily manage and analyze massive amounts of video footage, still images, and other visual data. Until now, the high cost, numerous tools, specialized expertise, and time commitment required to build and maintain a production-level system for building, training, and deploying computer vision models has made it difficult for experts and impossible for non-technical users. By streamlining the entire machine learning lifecycle with one intuitive interface, Plainsight™ On-Demand breaks down the barriers related to cost, complexity, and exclusivity. 

Plainsight offers the fastest, easiest path to project experimentation, iteration, and collaboration, resulting in successful model deployment to address diverse computer vision use cases. Anyone can sign up, get started with Plainsight On-Demand, and make use of a $100 credit today. Pay-as-you-go pricing for training and deployment offers users full flexibility to ensure they only pay for what they use. Plainsight features empower businesses to overcome common AI challenges, making it possible to quickly realize the transformative power of vision AI with: 

  • Continuous Image and Video Collection: Synchronize ingestion of visual data from sources including public or private cloud, mobile phones, and edge devices.
  • Free, Unlimited Data Labels: Eliminate per-label costs and create robust datasets with AI-powered labeling tools to accelerate projects.
  • Automated Model Training: Use Plainsight SmartML™ intelligence to automatically and cost-effectively train custom models with performance tracking that optimizes efficiency.
  • Point-and-Click Model Deployment Pipelines: Configure, manage, and deploy vision AI pipelines and automate workflows with pre-configured options to automatically enhance accuracy and dramatically reduce the manual workload.
  • Successful Operationalization: Built with privacy, security, and scalability in mind, Plainsight On-Demand centralizes computer vision resources to provide an unblinking source for knowledge to improve processes and solve problems.

“Making the power of computer vision easier to use is at the heart of Plainsight’s mission,” says Plainsight Co-Founder and CEO Carlos Anchia. “Organizations of all sizes, in every industry, are already capturing visual data, and many are well aware of its potential to transform their operations. What’s missing—for far too many—is the means to realize that value. The launch of Plainsight On-Demand significantly lowers the barrier to entry for users of all technical capabilities to put their visual data to work today.” 

Elizabeth Spears, Plainsight Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer adds, “When individuals and organizations are empowered to ‘see more’ with real-time analytics for their video feeds and other visual data, they’re better equipped to address everyday challenges and set themselves apart from the competition. With Plainsight On-Demand, all users can drive more meaningful outcomes faster and with greater success than through virtually any other vision AI solution.”

Users and organizations across industries are invited to get started with Plainsight On-Demand  to unlock the transformative power of computer vision and see what’s been hiding in plain sight. Or, Plainsight can serve as a machine learning team for enterprises. For inquiries related to customized applications and fully supported solutions, please contact Plainsight’s vision AI experts to schedule a demonstration.

About Plainsight

Plainsight streamlines vision AI for enterprises with new ways to analyze, share and benefit from valuable visual information. Solving problems where others have failed, Plainsight helps the world’s most innovative customers realize the potential of their data through smart, easy to use, effective solutions. Our intuitive, no-code platform gives every team across organizations the ability to build, manage, and operationalize solutions. With actionable insights and unblinking accuracy, Plainsight powers production-ready applications to automate processes, mitigate risk, enhance product portfolios, and increase revenue opportunities. For more information, visit

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