There’s been no shortage of topics for discussion in the worlds of artificial intelligence and machine learning this year. One subject, however, has loomed especially large, attracting countless headlines, courting controversy, and sparking conversation among tech experts and novices alike: AI-generated imagery. 

Generative AI solutions like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney are capable of creating impressive scenes and even imitating the style of famous artists with short text prompts alone. They’ve wowed people everywhere, but what could they mean for professional artists—and are their creations really art?

Plainsight’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Logan Spears, joins co-hosts Paul Davenport and Bennett Glace on AI in Plainsight to answer these questions, explain the data science behind generative AI solutions like DALL-E 2, and more. 

Listen to the conversation below. 

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