October 11th-13th, Plainsight’s Co-Founder and CEO, Carlos Anchia, is joining AI professionals from around the globe to discuss the future of computing at Google Cloud Next. The event’s broad catalog of sessions numbers over 150, offering three days of opportunity to learn and explore new innovations.

In addition to attending expert-led sessions (more on those later), Carlos is leading a panel presentation on computer vision’s boundless potential alongside Fabien Blanc-Paques and Nelson Gonzales, both Google Cloud Product Managers, and Botond Szatmáry, Vice President of Brain Corp, a fellow Google Cloud Partner. 

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Our Session: Delivering Insights with Computer Vision Applications

The possibilities for visual analytics to uncover value and provide for process improvement is nearly limitless. Throughout the session, Carlos and his co-presenters will offer actionable guidance for leveraging computer vision to generate next-generation insights to:

  • Accelerate speed to value of computer vision with transformative insights
  • Productionalize successful end-to-end computer vision across diverse use cases 
  • Enable cost reduction, resource efficiency, as well as responsible computer vision management and oversight.

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3 More Google Next ‘22 Sessions We’re Excited for

Ahead of his presentation, Carlos built his own playlist of keynotes and panel discussions he’s especially looking forward to. 

Top 10 Cloud Technology Predictions

A large panel of Google Cloud developers comes together to look into their crystal balls for this keynote presentation. Together, they’ll share their top cloud tech predictions, focusing on the things they expect to see come true by 2025. 

Putting renewable power in the hands of the consumer

Origin, Australia’s top energy provider, leveraged visual AI and advanced data analytics to create a consumer-facing app designed to help end users better understand how solar panels can help reduce their carbon footprints. Attendees to this session will learn all about how the Origin Solar Growth Platform makes valuable data insights both accessible and actionable to support a cleaner planet. 

Check out Plainsight’s blog for more information on the ways computer vision is helping enterprises manage waste and optimize recycling

AI-Powered Business Transformation

The two cloud computing innovators leading this session believe adopting AI is about more than introducing a technology. To Scott Penberthy and Nidi Srivastava, AI is best embraced as an enabler of business transformation. They’ll share their thoughts on how enterprises can begin to make AI a key strategic pillar to set themselves apart.

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