In a recent TechRound article, Plainsight Co-Founder and CEO, Carlos Anchia, discusses tech trends and the adoption of computer vision in 2022.

Enterprises are also deploying vision AI models to automate and improve analysis of video-driven business processes like defect detection in manufacturing, traceability in supply chains, livestock management in agriculture, task optimization in warehouses, automation in restaurant drive-thrus, and shopper personalization in retail.

–  Carlos Anchia, Co-Founder and CEO at Plainsight

Products/Goods Tracking at a manufacturing warehouse using Plainsight

Over these last two years, the adoption of computer vision has accelerated, in part, because of its ability to take on pandemic-related challenges such as monitoring social distancing in public places and ensuring COVID-related cleaning and PPE compliance.

Covid AI People Labeling

Vision AI people counting with Plainsight

Covid AI People Labeling
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