Carlos Anchia, Co-Founder and CEO of Plainsight, recently sat down with Alldus Podcast host, JP Valentine, for the latest episode of Alldus’ AI in Action series. The podcast welcomes leading executives to cut through the hype and offer real-world examples of how they are putting AI to use for their organizations and customers.

The conversation offered Anchia an opportunity to discuss Plainsight and the exciting circumstances that promise to make 2022 an epochal year for computer vision.

“The models are more accurate than they were five years ago, the edge infrastructure is more powerful and more cost effective than it ever was, we have this environment where everything is imagery . . . computer vision in 2022 is going to explode because of these enabling factors.”

      – Carlos Anchia

Topics of discussion include:

  • What it really means to democratize computer vision
  • The ways enterprises can leverage computer vision today
  • Methods for attracting leading AI talent in a competitive market
  • Just some of the myriad use cases enabled by vision AI  
  • Plainsight’s position at the nexus of technology and infrastructure
  • The uncommon level of insight and expertise that defines the Plainsight team

Anchia concludes the episode by highlighting the role computer vision could play for organizations who have struggled to see the benefits of AI technologies. For these organizations and business leaders alike, computer vision is a key to digital transformation.

Listen to the full episode below or on your preferred podcasting app.

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