Authority Magazine features Plainsight Co-Founder & CPO, Elizabeth Spears, in their “Meet the Women Leading the AI Industry” series

In a recent article in Authority Magazine, Plainsight’s Co-Founder & CPO, Elizabeth Spears, shares her experiences, industry insights, and interesting Plainsight projects currently underway.

Within the article, Elizabeth discusses such topics as:

  • 5 exciting things about the AI industry
  • 5 concerns about the AI industry
  • Her favorite “Life Lesson Quote”
  • and more

In addition, she offers guidance to women looking to get into AI.

 Just jump in. It’s like any other industry, where it takes a little time to learn the lingo and specific subject matter, but there’s nothing magical about the technology itself. Computer vision in particular is filled with neuroscience analogies and the methods for teaching a machine learning model are very similar to how children are taught new concepts. So the AI industry is not as inaccessible or as technically esoteric as it may seem, and the approach to creating solutions is similar to solving interesting logic problems.

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