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For Camera Manufacturers & Platforms

Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations & Increase MRR With Vision AI

  • Enhance product lines with high-value services
  • Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Grow customer usage, loyalty, and retention
  • Move into new, higher-margin business segments
  • Differentiate offerings vs. competition

Our platform helps you quickly and easily deliver new vision AI insights that go beyond basic detections.

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Applications For Businesses:

Warehouse & Manufacturing:
Employee health/safety, security, inspection & anomalies

Pharma & Healthcare:
Packaging integrity, pill types, fill levels, patient diagnosis & outcomes

Precision crop & livestock monitoring, productivity tracking & predictions

Oil & Gas:
VOC leak detection, tank level monitoring, license plate detection & site security

Food & Beverage:
Line safety/productivity, QA, product grading/defects, & foreign object recognition

Retail & Hospitality:
Customer engagement/behavior/safety, space utilization, inventory & service management

Applications For Consumers:

Home Monitoring:
Visitor recognition, break-in/risk alerting, deliveries/package count, & child/pet/elderly care/home services

Property Security:
Home, rental properties & luxury goods storage safety/security, infrastructure maintenance

Community Surveillance:
Perimeter/zone-based insights for street/yard monitoring, playgrounds, swimming pools, recreation areas, etc.

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Accelerate Time to Value from Solution Development through Delivery of Compelling Vision AI Applications

Continuously Collect Images & Video

Collect and create accurate training datasets for vision AI applications with intelligent handling for storage costs.

Quickly Annotate Data with AI-Powered Annotation:

Rapidly accelerate annotation by 10x while providing a collaborative environment for teams to work on diverse datasets.

Automatically Train Vision AI Models:

Quickly and simply train models with a streamlined process that reduces the time from experimentation to actionable insights.

Easily Operationalize Solutions:

Deploy and scale AI-powered solutions at the edge, in the cloud, or on-premises with single-click deployments.

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